We’ve added methylfolate by Quatrefolic® to our Non-GMO Whole Goat Milk Powder for superior absorption and utilization.

What is Folate Exactly?

Folate is a key nutrient, also known as Vitamin B9, needed at every stage of your life to help maintain a healthy, vital body.

Some of Folate’s Top 4 Functions Include:

1. Maintaining healthy DNA and RNA

2. Production of red blood cells

3. Prevention of midline defects during pregnancy; including neural tube defects, tongue tie, and cleft lip

4. Lowering homocysteine levels, which improves heart health

In fact, folate is so important that many countries, including the United States, have implemented mandatory folic acid fortification programs. Although these programs are focused on grains and cereals we at Green Goat completely agree with the intention behind them. We decided to take it a step further by fortifying our goat milk powder with the best form of folate available.

Why Quatrefolic®?

During our research into folic acid fortification we learned all about the different forms of folate and how they’re used by our bodies. The evidence was clear. Quatrefolic, or 5-MTHF (5-methylfolate) is the most effective form of folate supplementation. Quatrefolic is bioactive and easily absorbed. This means that it’s already in the exact form that your body needs to be able to use it right away.

Getting Enough

One common way to reach our folate goals is to eat lots of leafy green vegetables and legumes. Most of us assume that natural ‘food folate’ is an excellent source of the vitamin, and for many people it can be. However, food folate is not bioactive, and those of us who are unable to effectively convert food folate into bioactive folate can eat our leafy greens until the goats come home and still have a folate deficiency. This conversion problem is caused by a mutation in our MTHFR gene, which can cause us to produce 30 to 70% less active folate, and so we need an already methylated form of folate, like Quatrefolic to maintain optimal folate levels.


Getting the Right Kind

The main form of supplemental folate, folic acid, has two big drawbacks. The first is that it can contribute to a deficiency in bioactive folate. If you have too much folic acid it your bloodstream it can make it hard for your body to find the bioactive form. Secondly, folic acid can build up in your bloodstream as unmetabolized folic acid. This is associated with many health concerns which are still being researched. Additionally, folic acid still needs to be methylated to be bioactive. So if you have an MTHFR mutation you will have difficulty creating the bioactive form.

At Green Goat we’ve fortified our Whole Goat Milk Powder.
so that 2 servings will give you 100% of your daily folate needs.

For more information check out www.quatrefolic.com

And if you want to dive really deeply into MTHFR check out https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/MTHFR#resources