We Are Green Goat


We are goat milk lovers! We are driven to connect with goat lovers and to educate about the goodness of goat milk. When you give goodness, you get it back. The quality of our goat milk products starts with the well-being of our goats. Our goats are the foundation of our company. We are aware of this every day.

Our Family of Farmers

We are supported by a cooperative of 120 family farms. we are in touch with every farmer and every goat who produces our milk. Our farmers are dedicated to raising happy, healthy goats while caring for the environment. Our goats are fed a well-balanced diet of non-GMO, Glyphosate-Residue Free crops, and they aren’t given any growth hormone. Together we guarantee the best goat milk for our Green Goat products.

We Are Committed

We are committed to bring the benefits of goat milk to people around the world. We support our farming community and ensure a safe and healthy planet for future generations. We are dedicated to being the undisputed expert in goat milk products and to share that expertise in every corner of the world.

We Are a Herd Company

Goats are herd animals – this is a smart strategy. A herd of goats is strong, protected and supported. We see ourselves as a herd company. We believe in community. We stand together and as a result we are stronger, more agile, and more inspirational.

We Are the Earth

We believe in sustainability. We work to limit our impact on nature and our environment. We stay current on the environmental research and whenever possible we will make the sustainable choice. We are proud to be transparent about our efforts. 

We Are Challengers

We are in a global time of environmental awareness. And this is the moment that we at Green Goat challenge ourselves to uphold the highest standards. We are driven by curiosity and determination. We invest in research and development. We challenge legislation when necessary to encourage our governments to support health and wellness for our planet.


Goat Partners International

Green Goat is a brand of Goat Partners International. We work with our farmers to ensure a supply of fresh, high quality milk.
We are always innovating to make sure that our goat milk reaches your taste buds with the perfect richness, texture, and flavor.
We are passionate about increasing the availability of goat milk and introducing goat milk to more homes and varieties of food.