Glyphosate free


We value the connection between healthy food and creating a healthier world. It’s at the heart of everything we do.
Leading the way, we are the first and only Glyphosate-Residue Free Certified goat milk on the market.

We’re pretty passionate about being Glyphosate-Residue Free Certified by The Detox Project. We believe in simple wholesome ingredients, free of chemicals. Nothing more, nothing less.

The moment we learned about the widespread use of glyphosate and its prevalence in the food that we eat, it sparked a calling in us to not only create a truly healthy product, but also to shine a spotlight on the need for greater food transparency.

A Bit About Glyphosate
and Non-GMOs

Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used herbicide, first introduced to the commercial market in 1974 for the purpose of killing all unwanted vegetation. Today its residues are found throughout our environment, making its way into our food and even our bodies.

57% of adults have detectable levels of glyphosate found in their bodies1

85% of people are concerned about the pesticides in their food2

20% of organic consumer packaged goods are estimated to have pesticide residues in their products 3

The use of glyphosate has raised concerns due to the lack of high quality, long-term research proving its safety. In fact, more research is telling a different story. Glyphosate is suspected to have several toxic effects on the health of humans and mammals, including:

As an antibiotic it kills beneficial gut bacteria, which provides essential nutrients and keeps digestion healthy

 As a chelator, it depletes important minerals from our bodies such as manganese, calcium, iron, and zinc. And,

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen in 2015.

 GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are engineered to be more tolerant to herbicides and are intimately connected to the overuse of glyphosate herbicides. Beyond its use as an herbicide, glyphosate’s use as a drying agent for both GMO and Non-GMO crops just prior to harvest contributes the majority of glyphosate residues found in the global food supply chain.

What does it mean to be Glyphosate Residue Free Certified?

Glyphosate Residue Free Certification is at the cutting edge of a movement changing the way we eat, drink, and live. The Detox Project works with independent, third-party laboratories. They have the highest standards for certification with a strict glyphosate residue maximum limit and sensitive testing methods matching that of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) limits of detection of typically 10 ppb, far lower than the USDA’s Organic Certification requirements.