Our Goats


We admire their curiosity and their playfulness, along with their intelligence. Goats are herd animals that form complex social structures and family bonds. Plus, they’re super adorable! At Green Goat we’re excited to partner with farmers who are just as passionate about goats as we are.

Our herds are predominantly Saanen, Nubian, and Alpine breeds. They are raised with love and care on small to medium sized family farms by farmers who are dedicated to ensuring that their goats enjoy happy, healthy lives. Goats are naturally loving animals who can form strong bonds with humans.

At the farm our goats have plenty of space to roam and interact and lead active lives. They’re fed a well-balanced diet and given the opportunity to graze. We also raise all of our kids in this nurturing environment.

We love knowing that our herds are leading the healthiest, happiest, lives, and eating the most nourishing food available. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve made sure to adhere to the rigorous standards required to obtain Glyphosate Residue Free Certification.

We’re so excited to share our passion for goats with you. We hope you love these amazing mammals just as much as we do!